Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Industrial Biotechnology Division

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Head of Division: 

Dr M. Afzal Ghauri

Dy Chief Scientist


Biotechnology is at the vanguard of new methods for the efficient and clean production of biological materials and chemicals. These environmentally friendly processes utilize the power of biology to make antibiotics, enzymes, proteins and chemicals for commercial uses. Economical production using biological systems is not always simple and has to be performed safely and reliably. The aim of our research is to investigate and develop innovative systems, so as to intensify and simplify the control of bioprocesses ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective production and recovery of biologically derived material. Because bioprocesses use living material, they offer several advantages over conventional chemical methods of production: they usually require lower temperature, pressure, and pH; they can use renewable resources as raw materials; and greater quantities can be produced with less energy consumption.

The many potential uses of biotechnology are developed through laboratory procedures that generally produce only small amounts of useful substances. As advances in bioprocess technology, particularly separation and purification techniques, are made, commercial firms will be able to economically produce these substances in large amounts, and thus make them available for use in medical research, food processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical development, waste management, and numerous other fields of science and industry. Therefore, we can rightfully use this notion that biotechnology has been transformed from a laboratory science into an industry. The current research focus of Industrial Biotechnology division encompasses following areas:




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