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Drug Discovery and Structural Biology


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(Group Leader)

Dr Mazhar Iqbal

Dy. Chief Scientist 


Team Members:


One of the major focuses of this research group is the designing, synthesis and biological screening/evaluations of anti-viral agents especially against Hepatitis B and C viruses. In this connection, two potential classes of organic compounds, Thiazolides and Cyclopentenoids, have already been identified during Dr. Iqbal’s PhD and postdoctoral research at the University of Liverpool UK. Both of these classes of small organic compounds are being pursued in aiming to inhibit selectively inhibiting HBV and HCV viruses with particular emphasis on HCV genotype-3, the widely prevalent genotype in Pakistan


We are also exploring structure and function of physiologically and medically important membrane proteins and their bacterial homologues present in bacteria and yeast, and viral proteins with perspective of therapeutic importance.


Research interests:

  • Organic synthesis of potential antiviral and anti-cancer agents.
  • Biological evaluations of promising compounds.
  • Synthesis of second generation drug’s candidates.
  • Drug target identification.
  • Structure and function studies of membrane and viral proteins


Salient facilities


  • Gas chromatograph – Mass spectrometer (GCMS/MS)
  • Liquid chromatography – Mass spectrometer (LCMS/MS)
  • High performance liquid chromatography – protein purification system (Donated by Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
  • Fluoresence spectrophotometer



  • Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
  • International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste Italy
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Ministry of Health, Pakistan 


  • Analysis of organic and bio-molecules such as drugs, metabolites, lipopolysaccharides, proteins etc.

  • Synthesis of drugs and linkers/ligands for nanomedicine.  

  • Expression and purification of proteins.

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