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Environmental Toxicology and Moleculer diagnosis



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Group Leader:

Ameena Mobeen  

Senior Scientist

Team Members:

  • Muhammad Asif           (Junior Scientist)
  • Number of PhD Scholar           (3)
  • Number of M. Phil Students:    (1)


Research Focusing Areas are

  • Environmental Toxicity 
  • Environmental Molecular diagnostic

1- Environmental Toxicity:

Environmental toxicology is the study of how chemicals move within the environment and affect biological systems. The mandate of the group is to promote and facilitate research in environmental toxicology and maintain academic programs in environmental toxicology at NIBGE for M. Phil and PhD scholars.  Efforts are made to develop better methods for  assessing the exposure to hazardous substances and monitoring the toxicological effects of different samples/agents i.e., environmental pollutants, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, dyes and other industrial chemical & products.  Toxicological evaluation of genetically modified (GM) crops is another area of interest

2- Environmental Molecular diagnosis:  

The infectious diseases are the main threat for livestock in Pakistan. Although many conventional diagnostic techniques are in practice but all of them are either time consuming, labor intensive or not much authentic to differentiate from other related diseases. Application of molecular techniques for differential diagnosis of any pathogen (disease causing agent) by use of PCR is very important due to more handy, simple and authentic as well




Salient facilities:  

A battery of toxicity tests has been established to test the toxicity of environmental contaminants

  • Comet Assay
  • Micronucleus Assay
  • Acute Toxicity testing in mice, rats & rabbits
  • Fish acute toxicity testing
  • Dermatological acute toxicity testing
  • Mutagenicity testing by Bacterial reverse mutation Assay (Ames test

Support / Funding:

  • IAEA-Project : P.I. Dr Qaiser, (2001-03)~ Rs. 8.0 M
  • ALP-Project : P.I. Dr Qaiser, (2004-07) Rs. 2.76 M
  • CRP-Project : P.I. Dr Qaiser,  Ongoing (2007-10) ~ Rs. 2.50 M  
  • HEC funded PhD students
  • Income from toxicity testing 


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