Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Wastewater Treatment & Phytoremediation

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Group Leader:

Dr. Muhammad Afzal  

Principal Scientist

Team Members:

The advancement of scientific knowledge and moral awareness has led to the prevention of pollution with noble goal of zero discharge of pollutants. The idea of the group is to derive a long term framework for comparing different plant designs and operational strategies based on costs/benefit ratios. The overall costs in wastewater treatment are mainly depending on the installation of wastewater treatment system, operational and maintenance costs. The ultimate aim in wastewater treatment is to establish process which may result in the decrease of treatment costs. Effluent from each industry has different Physico-chemical characteristics and has different types of pollutants therefore; feasibility of different approaches is employed. WWT research activities at EBD focus on the following areas.


Primary Treatment:


Coagulation and flocculation by inorganic and organic chemicals, biosorption of dyes and metals. (Muhammad Afzal)


Secondary (Biological) Treatment: 

  • Aerobic: Activated Sludge (mobilized and immobilized).
  • Anaerobic:  Up flow anaerobic sludge Blanket (UASB).


Tertiary Treatment:

  • Electrochemical or precipitation.
  • Enzymatic precipitation (Peroxidase) for phenolics.
  • Phytoremediation.


Toxicity testing:

  • Toxocity testing of industrial effluents before and after treatment. 

Phytoremediation technology for remediation of contaminated land and water.In phytoremediation studies different plants are used to remove contaminants/toxicant 





Pak-Kazakh Project: P.I- Dr. Qaiser M. Khan  (1998-2003) , Rs 1.97 M

Industrial linkage projects ~ Rs. 0.2-0.3 M each

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