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Fermentation Technology





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Team Members:


Scientific Assistants

  • Sabir Hussain               (Forman)
  • M. Sarwar                     (Principal. Tech)
  • Khalid Yaqub               (Senior Scientific Assistant)
  • Amjad Gohar               (Scientific Assistant-1)
  • M.Naveed                         (Scientific Assistant-IV) 



Areas of Research

  • Process development for production, purification and molecular characterization of industrial enzymes (alpha amylase, protease and fiber degrading enzymes)
  • Upstream processing of industrially important enzymes such as alpha amylase, protease, cellulose, and xylanase in pilot plant fermentor (300 liter).
  • Development of strategies for the chemical, physical and biological pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass or field based crop residues (wheat straw, wheat bran, rice bran, corn  cob, baggass, cotton stalk etc).
  • Work is going on the methanogenesis of agricultural, industrial and solid wastes for production of methane gas to convert into electricity. Developed inoculums for methane production by isolation, identification and characterization of anaerobic organisms from different sources. Biomethanation potential of different substrates (chicken waste, vegetable waste, corn cob, pulses peels, wheat straw, rice straw, wheat bran) under anaerobic conditions.
  • Commissioning and maintenance of 50 m3 pilot plant. The solid waste (Cow dung, wheat straw, dry bread, fruit and vegetable waste) have been used as substrate. Biogas produced in this plant was estimated for methane yield.
  • Cloning and expression of alpha amylase, protease, cellulases and beta-glucosidase in different expression vectors and molecular characterization by different molecular techniques and bioinformatics tools.
  • Production and molecular characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) by microbial community of biogas digester
  • The 3D structure of alpha amylase has been determined. Studies have been extended to pilot plant level in batch fermentation. Enzyme kinetics, purification, thermodynamics and zymographic techniques have been used for industrial enzymes.
  • Studies on mass transfer of oxygen on alpha amylase production has done. UV and Chemical mutagenesis of strains for strain improvement of alpha amylase production has generated in merged and solid state fermentation. Directed evolution of beta-glucosidase enzymes to improve characteristics.


         Biochemical processes and Joint Linkages with Industry 


  • Joint Linkages with Industries (Shakarganj Milld, Packages and Michelles)
  • To control deterioration of Molasses, A Shakarganj Mills-NIBGE collaborative project have been executed.
  • Isolation and characterization of Acetobacter isolates for the production of fermented vinegar (An interest of Mitchells). 
Funded Projects

  •  Production and characterization of alpha amylase for industrial applications. Funded by PTCL (Rs 29.62 million). 
  •  Cloning of raw starch digestion alpha amylase gene. Funded by PSF (Rs 0.13 million) 
  • Solid waste management for bioenergy production. Funded by Pak-USAID ( Rs 22  million)
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