Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Gene Isolation

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Group Leader:

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Pr. Scientist


Team Members:

 Dr. Muhammad Sarwar       Principal Scientist


The group is involved in exploring natural genes for cotton fiber improvement and cotton leaf curl virus resistance. Several cDNA libraries have been prepared with this aim. Thousands of clones have been catalogued from these libraries. The novel genes identified from the ESTs have been used to pick the full length genes and their variants from the cDNA libraries. The novel genes have been used for the construction of plant expression vectors. The transgenics are being developed for further evaluation.

The group also has great concern on the cloning of useful promoters. Many dicot and monocot promoters have been identified from the available HTGS sequences. These promoters are being evaluated for their expression in tobacco and wheat.

The ESTs from the cotton and Calotropis procera fiber cDNA libraries are being established. DNA sequences of greater than 500bp indicating an accuracy of base call greater than 99% are selected for generating ESTs.

The screening of fiber cDNA libraries from diverse fiber sources have enabled the identification of parologous as well as arthologous genes in the fiber development specific gene families. The expansin variants represent one of them.

The plant expression cassettes are used for the transformation of cotton. The transgenic Gossypium hirsutum var. coker plants have been developed. The fiber analysis of the transgenic plants will be performed till T3 transgenic lines are obtained and homozygosity of the transgenes is ascertained



Salient Facilities:


  • Real Time PCR
  • Microarray
  • DNA Sequencers
  • Pulse Field Electrophoresis
  • Photodocumentation
  • Bioinformatics


Research support:


The research work is supported by grants by following funding agencies:


  • Pakistan Academy of Sciences
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Pakistan Agriculture Research Council-ALP
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