Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Health Biotechnology Division

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Head of Division

Dr. Shahid Baig

Dy Chief Scientist

Health Biotechnology


Human health is the most important area of scientific research and better quality life is the concern of every human throughout the world. Health Biotechnology Division NIBGE is using the modern tools of biotechnology and genetic engineering to investigate the molecular basis of infectious, genetic and metabolic disorders to establish nucleic acid based diagnostics and to design improved cost effective therapeutic strategies for quality life. Development of modern vaccines, discovery of drugs, structure and function studies of membrane and viral proteins are the major focus of ongoing research projects in this division.


Tradition of consanguineous marriages and relatively high frequency of disease alleles in Pakistani population is leading to increased incidence of genetic disorders. Disease gene mapping for various phenotypes is in progress at this division to establish the carrier screening tests and prenatal diagnosis to prevent the affected births. Similarly, poor hygienic conditions and limited health facilities are resulting in high incidence of infectious diseases in this country. Projects are in progress to study the molecular basis of drug resistance and virulence of bacterial pathogens causing major diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid. Molecular methods for early diagnosis and genotyping for efficient and cost effective therapy are established by the researchers of this division to reduce the economic burden. Basic research work for the production of conjugate vaccines for typhoid and recombinant vaccines for hepatitis B and C is underway.  Two potential classes of organic compounds have been identified by one of our scientist and are being pursued for inhibiting HBV and HCV.

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