Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Human Molecular Genetics and Metabolic Disorders

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(Group Leader)

Dr. Shahid M. Baig
Dy Chief Scientist
Head of Division

Team Members




Diabetes is a metabolic disorder due to defect in the insulin secretion or action or both. In the chronic condition increased level of blood glucose is a hallmark of this disorder, which leads to complications of several vital tissues and organs (e.g. eyes, heart, brain, peripheral nerves, lower limbs, and kidneys) making one or more of them dysfunctional at some stage, and ultimately leads to death. There are different types of diabetes and we are interested in Type 2 Diabetes, which appears around fort years of age and is normally associated with obesity.

We are interested in the human and mouse models of type 2 diabetes. Our main aim is to identify novel genomic, proteomics, adipokine, metabolomics , transcriptomics, microRNA based disease biomarkers for the early diagnosis, management and monitoring response to therapies in the Pakistani diabetics.  Also, we are interested to discover novel drug targets for diabetes and develop RNA interference based molecular medicines for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in future.

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