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Enviornment Testing Services

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Contact Persons:

Dr. Qaiser Mahmood Khan

Dy. Chief Scientist

Dr. Muhammad Afzal  

Principal Scientist 


Environmental Testing Service lab EBD, at NIBGE is only Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and ISO 9001:2000 certified lab in Faisalabad District for the analysis of various environmental samples according to international standard methods.

  • Provision of services for the analysis of water, wastewater, soil, sludge, vegetables, air, fabric and others environmental samples. according to standards methods (Over 70 parameters)
  • Consultancy & feasibility studies on effluent treatment & environmental related matters
  • Provision assistance & training in environmental testing
  • Bioremediation of petroleum contamination due to accidental spillage and intentional dumping in soil, water and contaminated sites with mix bacterial strains.
  •  Biodegradation of edible oil in waste water generated from edible oil refineries. Waste water treatment from textile industries by phytoremediation





Facilities / Services:

Different Environmental Testing Services Provided

  • Facilities for  NEQS parameters analysis  & on-site sampling
  • Contractual research related to environmental biotechnology
  • Toxicity testing & risk analysis of different samples


Drinking water analysis

  • Physio-chemical parameters             Bacteriological Parameters
  • pH                                                            E. Coli
  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)                   Total Coliforms
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Ca (Calcium)
  • Mg (Magnesium) 


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