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(Group Leader)

Hafiz A.Hafeez ur Rehman

Principal Engineer


Groups and their job description:


1)      Javed Akhtar, Foremen……….Group incharge.

2)      M.Shafique , Pr.Tech…………member

3)      Mahmood, Tech-III…………  Member.

Job description:

General checkup and day to day R/M of  many high tech equipments such as Diesel/ Gas Generators (05 Nos), Stepdown Transformers (02 Nos), HT/LT panels, main CBs, Power factor improvement devices, Grinding mills, Motors and starter switches of (Over head water turbine, disposal well pumps, Gardening pumps), Autoclaves, Incubators, Water distillation units, centrifuge machines, laminar flows, Shakers, Fermenters, Ovens, Fume hoods and Light & temperature control of all type of growth rooms including minor modifications. The preparation of Sui gas / electricity bills against sub meters of NIBGE residential areas and surveillance of all fire extinguishers on monthly basis.  




1)      Firdaus Iqbala, Pr.Tech……….Group incharge.

2)      M.Ishfaq, Tech-I ………member

3)      Shahid Rabbani, Tech-I...member.

4)      Zahid Iqbal, Tech-III.......member.


Job description:

General checkup, servise,cleaning, repair and maintenance (Filters/Fans/Blowers/Motors) of main A/C plants, Split/window type A/Cs of  the institute & all hostels, Cold cabinets, Refrigerators, Water dispensers and all -20°C / -40°C/-80°C freezers etc. Complete installation of all split type and window type air conditioners as per requirements

Operation of all central AC plants to maintain feasible temperature to facilitate R&D activities at the Institute.




1)      M.Habib, Pr.Tech……….Group incharge.

2)      Abdul Rauf, Sr.Tech ………member

3)      Ghulam Shabbir, SA-III......member.

4)      Faiz Mohayuddin, Tech-III...member.


Job description:

General surveillance, cleaning, repair / maintenance and operation of main Diesel Generators (02Nos) and transformers etc to ensure uninterruptable power supply to the Institute to facilitate R&D activities. Day to day R/M of  Distribution boards, Wiring circuits, all Breakers, Switch sockets, Power plugs, fans, lights, Extension boards and Street lights including overhead conductors at colony site. Rectification of any power related fault in the institute as well as NIBGE colony and all hostels.

Also the arrangement of POL for Diesel Generators and maintenance of their log books accordingly and periodic repair and maintenance of DG sets etc




1)      Mehboob ul hassan, Pr.Tech……….Group incharge.

2)      Shakeel javed, Sr.Tech……member

3)      Hassan zaheer, Tech-I......member.

4)      M.Sharif, Tech-II....member.

5)      Tariq javed, Tech-III…Member

6)      Mahmood subhani, Tech-III….painter

7)      Naveed Ahmad, Tech-III…member

8)      M.Iqba…DPL...mason.


Job description:

General checkup, repair and maintenance of Aluminum doors & windows ( Panes, Locks, Stays etc), floor tiles, False ceilings, Venation blinds,  Structure of all parking sheds, containments, Glass houses and polishing of Wooden furniture/ cupboards etc. Annual and routine repair / maintenance of 1.5Ton fire tube boiler.

Fabrication and installation regarding structures of different sheds, metallic racks and stands etc.

Masonry repair work of the institute, NIBGE colony area and all hostels to maintain all infrastructures.

Termite proofing of all infrastructures / buildings and furniture.

Repainting and patch paint work of all infrastructures of institute / residential areas.




1)      M.Ashraf, Sr.Tech….Group incharge.

2)      M.Tahir, Tech-I….meber.


Job description:

Repair/maintenance and new installations,  of all Supply lines of (Water/Gas/ Air), Valves, Plastic and Rubber pipes, fixtures to many equipments such as boiler, fermenters, chiller, fume hoods, air flow cabinets, water coolers and dispensers. Rectification of water seepage/ leakage and gas leakages of all infrastructures related to NIBGE. All other plumbing work regarding supply water distribution and waste water disposal in all buildings of institute and residential areas. To maintain and repair a number of gas geysers at NIBGE colony, all hostels, guest house and DCC etc. Routine surveillance and r/m of Taps, Mixers, Flush tanks, Drainage system of roofs and small water pumps etc.

Operation and maintenance of over head tank water turbine and Disposal pumps etc.



1)      Tanvir Iqbal, Tech-1….Group Incharge

2)      Ansar masood, Tech-IV…..member

3)      M.Yunis, Tech-IV…...member


Job description:

Repair and maintenance of building wooden frameworks and structures, such as doorframes, partitions etc.

Repair and maintenance of office tables/chairs, wooden doors and door locks etc.

Fabrication & Installation of different office / kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, computer tables, office tables and labs related woodwork in the institute as well as colony residential area.

To install structures and fixtures, such as doors, windows and molding etc. 

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