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Dr. M. Afzal Ghauri,

Dy Chief Scientist

Work Phone: (+92-41)- 9201316-20 / Ext 252
Fax Phone: (+92-41) 9201472
Cell/Direct Phone: 0300-7231572-(041)9201257
Dr. M. Afzal Ghauri


  • B.Sc. 1982, Zoology, Chemistry, Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • M.Sc. (Zoology) University of the Punjab, 1986
  • Ph.D (Microbiology/Biotechnology), University of Wales, UK, 1991
  • Postdoc (Gene Mining), University of Leicester, UK, 2002-2003


Research Interests:

  • Biotechnology of Extremophiles
  • Bacterial Biodiversity and Systematics
  • Extremozymes
  • Gene Mining of Extreme Environments
  • Bioresource Development for Industry


Research Publications:    

  • Robin, S. P., Ghauri, M. A., Jabeen, F., Riazuddin, S.* and Shams, F. A. 1987. Isolation and characterization of acidophilic bacteria from the local environment. Punjab Univ. J. Zool., 2:1-9. (Citations 0)
  • Ghauri, M. A. 1991. A study of the diversity of acidophilic bacteria. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Wales, United Kingdom. (Citations 4)
  • Ghauri, M. A. and Johnson, D. B.* 1991. Physiological diversity amongst some moderately thermophilic iron-oxidising bacteria. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 85:327-334. (Impact Factor 3.408, Citations 32)
  • Johnson, D. B.*, Ghauri, M. A. and Said, M. F. 1992. Isolation and characterization of an acidophilic, heterotrophic bacterium capable of oxidizing ferrous iron. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 58:5,1423-1428. (Impact Factor 3.829, Citations 36)
  • Johnson, D. B.*, Ghauri, M. A. and McGinness, S. 1993. Biogeochemical cycling of iron and sulfur in leaching environments. FEMS Microbiology Reviews 11:63-70. (Impact Factor 10.960, Citations 65)
  • Ghauri, M. A.*, Iqbal, M., Anwar, A. M., Shemsi, A. M., Akhtar, K. and Khalid, A. M. 1998. Iron oxidation at varied pH values by T. ferrooxidans - a potential bacterium in bioremediation processes. Biologia 44(1&2):95-100. (Citations 0)
  • Ghauri, M. A.*, Iqbal, M., Anwar, A. M. and Khalid, A. M. 1999. Isolation and characterisation of alkalophilic bacteria from diverse habitats of Pakistan. Resource and Environ. Biotech. 2:283-294. (Citations 0)
  • Ghauri, M. A.*, Iqbal, M., Anwar, A. M. and Khalid, A. M. 2000. Bacterial profile of a sandstone uranium heap set for bioleaching studies. Resource and Environ. Biotech. 3:1-9. (Citations 0)
  • Ahmad, Z., Ghauri, M. A., Anwar, M. A., Iqbal, M., Rehman, M., Akhtar, K. and Khalid, A. M.* 2002. Transformation of plasmids of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans encoding ampicillin resistance to Escherichia coli strain DH5-µ for detecting copper tolerance genes on such plasmids. Resource and Environ. Biotech. 3:185-191. (Citations 4)
  • Ghauri, M. A., Khalid, A. M., Grant, S., Heaphy, S. and Grant, W. D.* 2003. Phylogenetic analysis of different isolates of Sulfobacillus spp. isolated from uranium rich environments and recovery of genes using integron specific primers. Extremophiles 7:5, 341-345. (Impact Factor 2.941, Citations 14)
  • Rauf, S., Gooding, J. J., Akhtar, K., Ghauri, M. A., Rahman, M., Anwar, M. A. and Khalid, A. M.* 2005. Electrochemical approach of anticancer drugs-DNA interaction. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 37(2) 205-217. (Impact Factor 2.967, Citations 114)
  • Akbar, T., Akhtar, K., Ghauri, M. A., Anwar. M. A., Rehman, M., Rehman, M., Zafar, Y. and Khalid, A. M.* 2005. Relationship among acidophilic bacteria from diverse environments as determined by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA analysis (RAPD). World J. Microbiol. Biotech. 21:645-648. (Impact Factor 1.532, Citations 4)
  • *Rauf, S., Ihsan, A., Akhtar, K.,  Ghauri, M.A.,  Rahman, M., Anwar, M.A. and  Khalid, A.M.* 2006. Glucose oxidase immobilization on a novel cellulose acetate-polymethylmethacrylate membrane. J. Biotech. 121: 351–360 (Impact Factor 3.045, Citations 49) 

             * This paper has been awarded Rs. 50,000 cash prize by HEC in a national contest for top quality papers 

                published in the area of Biology

  • Ghauri, M. A.*, Khalid, A. M., Grant, S., Grant, W. D., and Heaphy, S. 2006. Phylogenetic analysis of bacterial isolates from man-made high pH, high salt environments and identification of gene-cassette associated ORFs. Current Microbiology 52-6:487-492 (Impact Factor 1.815, Citations 3)
  • Ghauri, M A., Okibe, N. and Johnson, D. B.* 2007. Attachment of acidophilic bacteria to solid surfaces: the significance of species and strain variation. Hydrometallurgy 85, 2-4:72-80 (Impact Factor 2.027, Citations 33)
  • Rauf, S., Nawaz, H., Akhtar, K., Ghauri, M. A. and Khalid, A. M.* 2007. Studies on sildenafil citrate (viagra) interaction with DNA using electrochemical DNA biosensor. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 22:2471-2477  (Impact Factor 5.602, Citations 15)<
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