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Dr. Nasir A. Saeed ,

Principal Scientist

Work Phone: (+92 41) 9201316- Ext.308,262
Fax Phone: (+92 41) 9201472
Cell/Direct Phone: 0300-7280615; 041-2550899
Dr. Nasir A. Saeed


  • B. Sc (Hons). 1989. PBG, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  • M. Sc (Hons). 1991. PBG, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  • Ph. D (Plant Molecular Biology). 2005. The University of Newcastle, Australia.


Research Interests:

  • Wheat crop improvement through biotechnology: These include identification and cloning of drought, salts, rust, fertilizer use efficiency, insect resistance, nutritional enhancement etc genes, and their transformation and testing in wheat.
  • Teaching biotechnology to Ph.D/M.Phil classes. Supervising 5 PhD students.
  • PI of several research projects on wheat (drought, salt and other traits)


Research Publications:


  • Mantiri, F. R., Kurdyukov S., Lohar, D. P., Sharopova, N., Saeed, N. A., Wang, X, D., VandenBosch, K. A., and Rose, R. J. 2008. The transcription factor MtSERF1 of the ERF subfamily identified by transcriptional profiling is required for somatic embryogenesis induced by auxin plus cytokinin in Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiology 146(4):1622-1636.


  • Nolan, K. E., Saeed, N. A. and Rose, R. J. 2006. The stress kinase gene MtSK1 in Medicago truncatula with particular reference to somatic embryogenesis. Plant Cell Reports 25: 711-722.


  • Imin, N., De Jong, F., Mathesius, U., Noorden, G. V., Saeed, N. A., Wang, X-D., Rose, R. J and Rolfe, B. G. 2004. Proteome reference maps of Medicago truncatula embryogenic cell cultures generated from single protoplasts. Proteomics 4(7):1883-1896.


  • Saeed, N. A., Zafar, Y and Malik, K. A. 1997. A simple procedure of Gossypium meristem shoots tip culture. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 51: 201-207.


  • M. J. Iqbal, N. Navid, Saeed, N. A and Y. Zafar. 1997. Genetic diversity evaluation of some cotton varieties by RAPD analysis. Theor. Appl. Genet. 94: 139-144.


  • Saeed, N. A., Chowdhry, M. A and Khan, M. I. 1994. Induction of callus and Organogenesis in bread wheat (T. aestivum L.) through anther culture. Pakistan J. of Agri. Research. 15 (1):108-114.
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