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Dr.Nasrin Akhtar &

Senior Scientist
HEC Approved Supervisor

Work Phone: +92 41 9201316
Fax Phone: +92 41 9201472
Cell/Direct Phone: +92 306 7108009
Dr.Nasrin Akhtar


  • Ph. D. (Biotechnology), NIBGE, Faisalabad with Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad in 2014 with partial research work at University of Leicester, UK.
  • M. Phil. (Biotechnology), NIBGE, Faisalabad with Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad in 2004.
  • M. Sc. (Biochemistry), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in 2001.
  • B. Sc. (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry), University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1999.


Research Interests

My research focuses on applying biotechnology to solve various problems in the energy industry. Research topics include:

  • Isolation and characterization of industrially important microbial cultures with unique metabolic activities.
  • Biodiversity and systematic of diverse types of microorganisms (C-S bond cleaving, acidophilic and halophilic bacteria etc.).
  • Biodesulfurization of fossil fuels (coal and oil).
  • Molecular/genetic analysis of the genes involved in biodesulfurization.
  • Metabolic pathways studies of organic sulfur metabolizing bacteria.


Research Publications:


  • Akhtar, N., Ghauri, M. A. and Akhtar, K. (2015). Exploring coal biodesulphurization potential of a novel organic sulphur metabolizing Rhodococcus spp. (Eu-32) – a case study. Geomicrobiology Journal (IF 1.440, Cit 0) Accepted.
  • Akhtar, N., Ghauri, M. A., Anwar, M. A. and Heaphy, S. (2015). Phylogenetic characterization and novelty of organic sulphur metabolizing genes of Rhodococcus sp. (Eu-32). Biotechnology Letters. 37: 837-847 (IF 1.591, Cit 0) 
  • Haider, R., Ghauri, M. A., SanFilipo, J. R., Jones, E., Orem, W. H., Tatu, C. A., Akhtar, K. and Akhtar, N. (2013). Fungal degradation of coal as a pretreatment for methane production. Fuel. 104: 717-725 (IF 3.520, Cit 04)
  • Ashraf, S., Akhtar, N., Ghauri, M. A., Rajoka, M. I. and Hussain, I. (2012). Polyhexamethylene biguanide functionalized cationic silver nanoparticles for enhanced antimicrobial activity. Nanoscale Research Letters. 7:267. (IF 2.779, Cit. 03)                                                                  
  • Akhtar, N., Ghauri, M. A., Anwar, M. A. and Akhtar, K. (2009). Analysis of the dibenzothiophene metabolic pathway in a newly isolated Rhodococcus spp. FEMS Microbiology Letters. 301 (1): 95-102. (IF: 2.121, Cit. 03) 
  • Ghauri, M. A., Anwar, M. A., Akhtar, N., Haider, R. and Tawab, A. (2009). Status of coal biotechnology in Pakistan. Advanced Materials Research. Vols. 71-73. pp 513-516. (Cit. 03) 
  • Akhtar, N., Ghauri, M. A., Iqbal, A., Anwar, M. A. and Akhtar, K. (2008). Biodiversity and phylogenetic analysis of culturable bacteria indigenous to Khewra salt mine of Pakistan and their industrial importance. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. 39: 143-150 (IF: 0.592, Cit. 10)
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