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Dr. Shahid Mansoor

Deputy Chief Scientist

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Dr. Shahid Mansoor


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)-1999- Department of Virus Research, The John Innes Centre Norwich, U.K and the degree awarded by Department of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia.
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry (M.Sc.)-1987- University of Karachi, Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi with first class second position. Thesis titled " Physical isolation and characterisation of drug resistance plasmids".
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry(B.Sc. Hon). 1986- University of Karachi, Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi with first class second position. Major subjects studied include physiology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and neurochemistry.


Research Interests: 

  • Molecular characterization of economically important geminiviruses on cotton, tomato, chillies, okra, cucurbits, beans and other crops
  • Characterization  of satellites and satellite-like molecules associated with geminiviruses
  • Development of molecular diagnostic tools for geminivirus detection
  • Characterization of geminivirus gene function
  • Geminivirus-host interactions and identification of host proteins that interact with geminivirus-encoded proteins
  • Characterization of whitefly biotypes, influence on virus transmission efficiency and their distribution in Pakistan
  • Use of RNA interference and other genetic engineering tools for development of genetically-engineered resistance against geminiviruses
  • Characterization of natural sources of resistance against geminiviruses
  • Use of RNAi for development of male sterility
  • Use of RNA interference and other technologies for engineered resistance against whiteflies
  • Next generation sequencing and genome characterization of cotton, whiteflies and livestock
  • Genome editing for creating novel traits in cotton and other crops


Research Publications:


Total impact factor   = more than 564.34          Total Citation: more than 5600



  • Edited a book 2003 titled “Genome characterization of whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses of cotton and development of virus-resistant plants through genetic engineering and conventional breeding. Technical Paper No. 22, Common Fund for Commodities, The Netherlands.


Book Chapters

  • Mansoor S. et al. Dictionary of Cotton. Published by ICAC.
  • Mansoor S, I. Amin, R W. Briddon. 2011. Geminiviral diseases of cotton. In Cotton Stress Physiology Book. National Cotton Council, USA. 
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  •  Muhammad Ilyas, I, Amin, S. Mansoor, R. W. Briddon and M. Saeed (2009). ”Challenges for transgenic resistance to control geminiviral diseases”. Emerging geminiviral diseases and their management by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., (ISBN 978-1-61668-620-8 Suite 1600, Hauooauge, NY 1788 USA. 
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  • Briddon RW and Mansoor S. 2008. "DNA beta satellites of begomoviruses ". Encyclopedia of Virology, Elsevier Ltd, Oxford, OX5 1GB, U.K  pp 314-321 Oxford: Elsevier 
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  • Zafar, Y., A. Bashir, S. Mansoor,  M. Saeed, S. Asad,  N. A. Saeed, S. Shabnam, M.  Iqbal,  and K. A. Malik (1996). Molecular and biological characterization of cotton leaf curl virus and development of virus-resistant cotton through genetic engineering. Proceeding of First National Biotechnology meeting by Center for Agriculture Biochemistry and Biotechnology (CABB), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. 
  • Malik, K.A., S. Mansoor, Nasir A. Saeed, S. Asad, Y. Zafar John Stanley and P.Markham (1995). Development of CLCV-resistant cotton varieties through genetic engineering proceedings of National Seminar on Strategies for Increasing Production April 26-27, 1995, Agri. Dept. pp 39-41 Publisher by Punjab Agriculture Department. 
  • Mansoor, S., J. Stanley, K. A. Malik, and P.G. Markham (1995). Molecular characterisation of a geminivirus associated with cotton leaf curl disease in Pakistan. Proceeding of International Symposium on Biotechnology for sustainable development. Eds. K. A. Malik, A. Nasim and A.M. Khalid ISBN: 969-8189-01-7.



Publications in peer reviewed journals

  • Ashfaq, M., Akhtar, S., Rafi, M. A., Mansoor, S  and Hebert, P. D. (2017). Mapping global biodiversity connections with DNA barcodes: Lepidoptera of Pakistan. PLoS ONE 12, e0174749.(Impact factor 3.54) 
  • Farooq, M., Mansoor, S ., Guo, H., Amin, I., Chee, P. W., Azim, M. K and Paterson, A. H. (2017). Identification and Characterization of miRNA Transcriptome in Asiatic Cotton (Gossypium arboreum) Using High Throughput Sequencing. Frontiers in plant science. (Impact factor 4.495) 
  • Hameed, A., Tahir, M., Amin, I and Mansoor, S . (2017). First Report of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus and a Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand betasatellite Causing Severe Leaf Curl Disease of Potato in Pakistan. Plant Dis 101, 1065-1065.(Impact factor  3.020) 
  • Hameed, A., Tahir, M. N., Asad, S., Bilal, R., Van Eck, J., Jander, G and Mansoor, S . (2017). RNAi-Mediated Simultaneous Resistance Against Three RNA Viruses in Potato. MolBiotechnol 59, 73-83.(Impact factor 1.752) 
  • Hassan, I., Amin, I., Mansoor, S  and Briddon, R. W. (2017). Further changes in the cotton leaf curl disease complex: an indication of things to come? Virus Genes, 1-3.(Impact factor 1.845) 
  • Ismail, H., Hassan, I., Zubair, M., Khan, M., Serfraz, S., Jamil, N., Mansoor, S ., Asad, S and Amin, I. (2017). First Report of Pedilanthus leaf curl virus, Tobacco leaf curl betasatellite, and Guar leaf curl alphasatellite Infecting Radish (Raphanus sativus) in Pakistan. Plant Dis 101, 845-845.(Impact factor  3.020) 
  • Jamil, N., Rehman, A., Hamza, M., Hafeez, A., Ismail, H., Zubair, M., Mansoor, S  and Amin, I. (2017). First Report of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus, a Bipartite Begomovirus, Infecting Soybean (Glycine max). Plant Dis 101, 845-845.(Impact factor  3.020) 
  • Khan, A. M., Ashfaq, M., Khan, A. A., Naseem, M. T and Mansoor, S . (2017). Evaluation of potential RNA-interference-target genes to control cotton mealybug, Phenacoccussolenopsis (Hemiptera: Pseudococcuidae). Insect Sci.(Impact factor 0.92) 
  • Mustafa, R., Hamza, M., Kamal, H., Mansoor, S., Scheffler, J and Amin, I. (2017). Tobacco Rattle Virus-Based Silencing of Enoyl-CoA Reductase Gene and Its Role in Resistance Against Cotton Wilt Disease. MolBiotechnol, 1-10.(Impact factor 1.752) 
  • Naqvi, R. Z., Asif, M., Saeed, M., Asad, S., Khatoon, A., Amin, I., Mukhtar, Z., Bashir, A and Mansoor, S . (2017). Development of a triple gene Cry1Ac-Cry2Ab-EPSPS construct and its expression in Nicotiana benthamiana for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance in plants. Frontiers in plant science. (Impact factor 4.495) 
  • Rauf, M., Saeed, N. A., Habib, I., Ahmed, M., Shahzad, K., Mansoor, S  and Ali, R. (2017). Isolation and in silico analysis of a novel H+-pyrophosphatase gene orthologue from the halophytic grass Leptochloafusca. J Mol Struct 1129, 179-187. (Impact factor 1.602). 
  • Shafiq, M., Iqbal, Z., Ali, I., Abbas, Q., Mansoor, S ., Briddon, R. W and Amin, I. (2017). Real-time quantitative PCR assay for the quantification of virus and satellites causing leaf curl disease in cotton in Pakistan. J Virol Methods (in press).(Impact factor 1.781) 
  • Tahir, M. A., Hameed, S., Munawar, A., Amin, I., Mansoor, S ., Khan, W. S and Bajwa, S. Z. (2017). Investigating the potential of multiwalled carbon nanotubes based zinc nanocomposite as a recognition interface towards plant pathogen detection. J Virol Methods (in press).(Impact factor 1.781) 
  • Tahir, M. N., Mansoor, S ., Briddon, R. W and Amin, I. (2017). Begomovirus and Associated Satellite Components Infecting Cluster Bean (Cyamopsistetragonoloba) in Pakistan. J Phytopathol 165, 115-122.(Impact factor 0.820)
  • Vyas, M., Raza, A., Ali, M. Y., Ashraf, M. A., Mansoor, S ., Shahid, A. A and Brown, J. K. (2017). Knock down of whitefly gut gene expression and mortality by orally delivered gut gene-specific dsRNAs. PLoS ONE 12, e0168921.(Impact factor 3.54) 
  • Zaidi, S., Shakir, S., Farooq, M., Amin, I and Mansoor, S . (2017). First Report of a Novel Strain of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Causing Yellow Leaf Curl Disease on Cluster Bean in Pakistan. Plant Dis 101, 1071-1071.(Impact factor  3.020) 
  • Zaidi, S., Shakir, S., Farooq, M., Amin, I and Mansoor, S . (2017). First Report of Alternanthera yellow vein virus From Ecliptaprostrata in Pakistan. Plant Dis 101, 266-266.(Impact factor  3.020) 
  • Zaidi, S., Shakir, S., Malik, H., Farooq, M., Amin, I and Mansoor, S . (2017). First Report of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus on Calotropisprocera, a Weed as Potential Reservoir Begomovirus Host in Pakistan. Plant Dis, PDIS-10-16-1539-PDN.(Impact factor  3.020
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