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Dr Muhammad Asif ,

Principal Scientist

Work Phone: 041-9201316-20 Ext. 233& 231
Fax Phone: 041-9201322
Cell/Direct Phone: 03006614405, 0333-6614406
Dr Muhammad Asif


  1. PhDBotany (Plant Genomics) 2010, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan
  2. MSc. Hons Agri. (PBG) 1998, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF)
  3. BSc. Hons Agri. (PBG) 1996, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF)



  1. UHEC Post-Doc (Plant Molecular Biology) 2012-2013, Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI), Cornell University., SA


Research Interest:

  1. Cloning and characterization of novel genes for multi-mechanistic and sustainable control of insect pests in cotton
  2. RNA-Seq based transcriptomic analysis of Desi cotton to find genes for CLCuD resistance
  3. Molecular characterization, evaluation and biosafety of GMCs
  4. Event characterization of transgenic cotton
  5. Detection of GMOs and transgene analysis


Research Publications:

  1. Umer N, RZ Naqvi, I Rauf, N Anjum, PR Keen, JV Eck, G Jander, M Asif. 2020. Expression of Pinellia ternata leaf agglutinin under rolC promoter confers resistance against a phytophagous sap sucking aphid, Myzus persicae. Electron. J. Biotech. 47: 72-82.
  2. Zaidi, SSA., Naqvi, RZ., Asif, M., Strickler, S.,  Shakir, S., Shafiq, M.,  Khan, A., Amin, I., Mishra, B., Mukhtar, S., Scheffler, B., Scheffler, J., Mueller, L., Mansoor, S. 2020. Molecular insight into cotton leaf curl geminivirus disease resistance in cultivated cotton (Gossypium hirsutum). Plant Biotech. J. 18, 691–706.
  3. Naseem MT, AM Khan, A Rasool, M Asif, PDN Hebert, M Ashfaq. 2019. BIN overlap confirms transcontinental distribution of pest aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae). PLOS ONE. PONE-D-19-19598R2.
  4. Siddiqui HA, M Asif, S Asad, RZ Naqvi, S Ajaz, N Umer, N Anjum, I Rauf, M Sarwar, M Arshad, I Amin, M Saeed, Z Mukhtar, A Bashir and S Mansoor. 2019. Development and evaluation of double gene transgenic cotton lines expressing Cry toxins for protection against chewing insect pests. Scientific Reports. 9: 11774.
  5. Naqvi RZ, Zaidi SS-e-A, Mukhtar MS, Amin I, Mishra B, Strickler S, Lukas A. Mueller, LA, Asif, M, Mansoor, S. 2019. Transcriptomic analysis of cultivated cotton Gossypium hirsutum provides insights into host responses upon whitefly-mediated transmission of cotton leaf curl disease. PLOS ONE 14(2): e0210011.
  6. Rauf I,  Asif M, Amin I,  Naqvi RZ,  Umer N,  Mansoor S,  Jander G. 2019. Silencing cathepsin L expression reduces Myzus persicae protein content and the nutritional value as prey for Coccinella septempunctata. Insect Mol. Biol. 28(6): 785–797.
  7. Bhatti, F, S Asad, QM Khan, A Mobeen, MJ Iqbal, and M Asif. 2019. Risk assessment of genetically modified sugarcane expressing AVP1 gene. Food Chem. Toxicology. 130: 267-275.
  8. Khatoon, A., N. Iqbal, M. Asif, M. N. Cheema M. Saeed, and A. Bashir. 2018. Comparative analysis of fiber morphogenesis genes of Calotropis procera and Gossypium hirsutum. Int. J. Agri. Biol. 20: 288?296.
  9. Naqvi RZ, Zaidi SS, Akhtar KP, Strickler S, Woldemariam M, Mishra B, Mukhtar MS, Scheffler BE, Scheffler JA, Jander G, Mueller LA, Asif M, Mansoor S. 2017. Transcriptomics reveals multiple resistance mechanisms against cotton leaf curl disease in a naturally immune cotton species, Gossypium arboreum. Scientific Reports. 7: 15880.
  10. Naqvi RZ, Asif M, Saeed M, Asad S, Khatoon A, Amin I, Mukhtar Z, Bashir A and Mansoor S. 2017. Development of a triple gene Cry1Ac-Cry2Ab-EPSPS construct and its expression in Nicotiana benthamiana for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance in plants. Front. Plant Sci. 8:55.
  11. Irfan, M., Asif, M., Bashir, A., Malik, K.A. 2017. Establishment of dipstick development technology for detection of Cry1Ac in transgenic plants. Inter. J. Environ. Agric. Biotech. 2(6): 2783-2797. doi: 10.22161/ijeab/2.6.3
  12. Iqbal N, M. Asif, A. Masood, RZ Naqvi, A Khatoon, A Bashir. 2017. Isolation and characterization of sucrose phosphate synthase promoter from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Aust. J. Crop Sci. 11(06): 668-675.
  13. Iqbal, N., A. Masood, A. Bashir and M. Asif. 2016. Histochemical GUS expression of cotton sps promoter in transgenic tobacco. J. Adv. Biol. Biotech. 8(1): 1-8.
  14. Iqbal, N., A. Khatoon, M. Asif and A. Bashir. 2016. Expression analysis of fiber related genes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) through real time PCR. Pak. J. Bot. 48 (3): 1099-1106.


Patents(filed to IPO,Pakistan)

  1. Mansoor et al., 2019. Method for detection of transgenic event NIBGE-1601 in insect resistant cotton harboring double gene Cry1Ac-Cry2Ab. (IPO, patent application No. 250/2019)
  2. Mansooret al., 2016. Development of triple gene Cry1Ac-Cry2Ab-EPSPS construct for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance in plants. (IPO, Patent application No. 614/2016)


Research Projects:

  2. HEC-TDF
  3. PAEC
  4. PARB


Commercial Services:           

  1. PCR based GMO testing of food and feed products: GMO testing services are being provided to public and private sectors; mainly to rice exporters/ traders, hence it is helpful for compliance of international trade requirements. It is a substantial source of income for NIBGE and has indirect and positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.
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